Faster, better and simpler
Goji’s RF solid-state cooking

Faster, better and simpler
Goji’s RF solid-state cooking

The problem with conventional
cooking technology

Today consumers are often forced to compromise...


Goji's RF cooking technology
alleviates this problem

Up to 4x improvement in uniformity.
Up to 50-75% time saving. Versatile and easy to operate.

Faster cooking
Uniformity & Quality
Simpler process
Faster cooking
Uniformity & Quality
Simpler process
Fast and uniform
Roasted vegetables
High moisture and
flavor retention
Rapid, one-step cooking
Multi-component meal
High quality results
10 minutes
Steak cooked evenly
High moisture retention
Conventionally, this dish takes more than twice the time to cook and requires the combination of different temperature settings or different cooking appliances to achieve THE SAME result.

RF solid-state cooking will
change the kitchen forever

Using a solid-state energy source, RF cooking allows for the first time a high degree of control on rapid energy transfer to food products. This new technology is based on digital high-power RF components capable of modifying the frequency, amplitude and phase of radio waves transmitted in ovens.

How RF cooking works

Let us help you

Having developed RF cooking technology for over a decade, Goji is the leader in the industry. We are the natural partner of choice for appliance brands and manufacturers seeking to incorporate RF cooking in their products.

Designed and produced for performance and price
Algorithms and software
Proprietary controls for optimized cooking
Integration and advice
Simulation, design and prototyping services
IP licensing
Over 200 patents and patent applications worldwide

Why choose Goji?



The first commercially
available solution and
a pipeline of future products



Over 25,000 hours mean
time between failures



400+ man-years in RF cooking
application development


Intellectual Property

200+ patents and patent
applications around the world

What people say

Goji’s technology will transform the kitchen

Winfried Luthe, Head of Cooking R&D, Miele

A unique and cutting edge technology

Shimon Peres, Former President of Israel

Simpler, faster and healthier delicious food

Manu Balanzino, Food Blogger, The Gourmet Journal

Goji's extensive patent portfolio strategically positions Goji with significant protection in the RF cooking space.

Gerson Panitch, Partner,
Finnegan, Patent Litigation and Strategy
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