Make food better

Our mission is to improve the lives of people around the world by making food better.

Food is an integral part of everyday life. We all need to eat to survive and, furthermore, food is an integral part of so many social activities. While food types and meal occasions vary greatly, we believe they should all generate the most satisfaction possible. Goji was founded with the purpose of using technology to help people make food healthier, tastier, quicker and more convenient, to increase the joy of food.

Did you know?



are spent on food preparation
& clean-up per day1



home-cooked per week2



enjoy cooking2



cook with their smartphones or tablets3



want to get better at cooking2

1 Across the entire US population - Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015, 2 Among US millennials - Ypulse Survey, June 20143 Among US millennials - Google Consumer Survey, January 2015. Based on US online population, n=550.


Goji enjoys the financial backing and mentorship of NEA and the Hobart Group.

New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA) is a global venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs build transformational businesses across multiple stages, sectors and geographies.  With nearly $17 billion in cumulative committed capital since inception, NEA invests in technology and healthcare companies at all phases in a company’s lifecycle, from seed stage through IPO.  The firm's long track record of successful investing includes more than 200 portfolio company IPOs and over 320 acquisitions.  For more information, visit

Goji was established by Hobart Group’s founder, Prof. Shlomo Ben-Haim, a renowned medical device entrepreneur.  The Hobart Group primarily develops and commercializes medical technologies which target top healthcare markets with significant unmet needs.  Its growing portfolio of companies has over 200 scientists, engineers, and regulatory and business experts across four continents, benefitting from clinical expertise and extensive regulatory and international market knowledge across Europe, the US and Asia.  For more information, visit

Intellectual Property

Leading in innovation

Goji holds over 200 patents and patent applications protecting Goji technology from many strategic angles, making it a major IP player in the field of RF cooking. For enquiries about our IP or licensing possibilities contact us.

“From day one, Goji’s IP strategy was built on an understanding that IP is amongst our greatest assets.  We have developed and followed an IP strategy to complement and enable our business strategies.”
Rony Krysler
VP IP for Goji Research at Hobart Group
“Working with Finnegan, Goji engaged in strategic patent planning to isolate and claim many innovations in energy delivery.  Indeed, Goji obtained a portfolio of numerous issued patents world-wide, in combination with a large portfolio of pending patent applications.”
Gerson Panitch
Partner at Finnegan, Patent Litigation and Strategy
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