Digital Trends – “Microwaves will be obsolete by 2027.”

Seattle, October 19 2017

In a feature for tech and lifestyle news hub Digital Trends, Home Editor and former software blogger Jenny McGrath reports on a fascinating summit session on the future of RF cooking at this year’s Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle. Goji president Yuval Ben Haim was among the panelists discussing Miele’s new Dialog oven, which incorporates Goji’s innovative solid-state technology.

“Imagine an appliance that lets you throw veal, zucchini, and tomatoes on one pan and have them all come out perfectly cooked." - Jenny McGrath, Digital Trends

Cooking was recognized by the panel as one of the most complex applications of RF technology, but McGrath was impressed by the preparation of a multi-component meal, cooked in the Dialog oven without any preheating in just 35 minutes. “Imagine an appliance that lets you throw veal, zucchini, and tomatoes on one pan and have them all come out perfectly cooked,” she says.

‍Miele’s revolutionary Dialog oven leverages RF technology to prepare chef-quality meals easily.  For example, the appliance cooks veal, zucchini, and tomatoes on one pan and all come out perfectly cooked.  Photo credit: Miele.

The secret to this “magic trick” is Goji’s RF technology, which enables the oven to measure the amount of energy being absorbed by the food being cooked, adjusting it throughout the cooking process. The Dialog oven is also Wi-Fi enabled and can be paired with smart technology, meaning that recipes and pre-sets for RF cooking can be communicated directly to it.

As an addition to the smart home, McGrath says that RF appliances could replace the microwave oven, while also bringing the benefits of faster cooking than a conventional oven and giving consistent results.

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About RF Cooking

RF cooking utilizes a high power solid-state amplifier which, as part of a complete RF module, transmits radio wave energy into an object to heat it. Unlike the magnetron in a microwave oven, the digital RF module can accurately control the frequency, amplitude and phase of the radio-waves. When combined with Goji’s proprietary closed-feedback sensing algorithm, the RF module enables more uniform and consistent cooking results, while shortening and simplifying the cooking process.

About Goji Food Solutions

Goji develops and markets RF cooking technologies for household, commercial and industrial applications in the food industry. The novel Goji™ technology facilitates controlled and responsive heating, delivering unprecedented cooking performance. The company holds a broad IP portfolio, with over 200 issued and pending patents on its technology. Goji provides a full range of licensing, design and manufacturing services to commercial and white goods appliance manufacturers. For more information, visit

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