Europe’s biggest tech expo showcases latest in smart appliances and virtual reality

Berlin, 6 September 2016

IFA, the giant European trade show, has been a hub for innovative kitchen appliances for decades.  As with previous years, some of the biggest and most innovative appliances makers presented what’s new in the home dining experience and also gave some clues on what else is to come.

The smart home has been a discussion point in appliance innovation for many years; however, this year a number of brands demonstrated big steps in bringing the concept to practical, day-to-day use.  Premium kitchen appliances, including app-connected cooktops and refrigerators, were presented by leading international brands as part of the smart home vision.  “It is just a matter of time until smartphones and wearable technology will become inseparable from our home dining experience,” stated Yuval Ben-Haim, President of Goji Food Solutions.

Yuval Ben-Haim, President of Goji Food Solutions
Yuval Ben-Haim, President of Goji Food Solutions‍

In the cooking space, much of the focus has gone towards new and intuitive user interfaces that aim to improve cooking convenience.  It’s not surprising that these innovations will first reach premium appliances, often the entry point for new and relatively expensive technologies.

Despite a good amount of innovation in the kitchen, the actual way we cook food in ovens has not changed.  “Unlike many other product categories, cooking ovens still cook in the same manner they did when they were first invented,” explained Yuval.  “While a great deal of innovation has gone into the user interface and convenience, oven cooking technology has not changed fundamentally for decades.”

The next big smart home innovation in the cooking oven space is expected to be the introduction of RF cooking technologies.  Ovens with RF heating technology cook significantly faster than conventional ovens while delivering very high-quality cooking performance.  RF cooking will therefore be a new source of excitement in the industry as well as among consumers.

About RF Cooking

RF cooking utilizes a high power solid-state amplifier which, as part of a complete RF module, transmits radio wave energy into an object to heat it. Unlike the magnetron in a microwave oven, the digital RF module can accurately control the frequency, amplitude and phase of the radio-waves. When combined with Goji’s proprietary closed-feedback sensing algorithm, the RF module enables more uniform and consistent cooking results, while shortening and simplifying the cooking process.

About Goji Food Solutions

Goji develops and markets RF cooking technologies for household, commercial and industrial applications in the food industry. The novel Goji™ technology facilitates controlled and responsive heating, delivering unprecedented cooking performance. The company holds a broad IP portfolio, with over 200 issued and pending patents on its technology. Goji provides a full range of licensing, design and manufacturing services to commercial and white goods appliance manufacturers. For more information, visit

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