Goji’s technology cooks a family-sized multi-component meal in one go. Photo: Iddo Genuth.

IEEE - Goji is planning the oven of the future

Tel Aviv, 9 February 2017

IEEE, the world’s largest association of technical professionals, reports on the food-heating technology revolution being brought about by Goji. In the report, Iddo Genuth of IEEE Spectrum shares his first-hand experience with Goji’s technology and explains how Goji does it.

“All of the food on the tray was cooked or baked to perfection.” Iddo Genuth, IEEE Spectrum.

The core of Goji’s technology uses RF power. However, unlike a microwave oven, it does not use a magnetron. “The magnetron has some inherent limitations: it has only on-off control; its frequency is only approximate and tends to shift; and there is no accurate control of amplitude or phase,” says Genuth.

In contrast to the magnetron, Goji’s solid-state heating module allows much more flexibility in controlling these parameters.  Goji’s technology also incorporates a transmitter and receiver, which allows the system to adjust power delivery parameters based on a proprietary algorithm.  As a result, it enables more accurate heating, which translates to significantly higher quality and healthier cooking while shortening cooking time. During the visit, Goji prepared a family-sized, multi-component meal all at once in ten minutes. “All of the food on the tray was cooked or baked to perfection,” Genuth attests.

Read the full coverage here.

About RF Cooking

RF cooking utilizes a high power solid-state amplifier which, as part of a complete RF module, transmits radio wave energy into an object to heat it. Unlike the magnetron in a microwave oven, the digital RF module can accurately control the frequency, amplitude and phase of the radio-waves. When combined with Goji’s proprietary closed-feedback sensing algorithm, the RF module enables more uniform and consistent cooking results, while shortening and simplifying the cooking process.

About Goji Food Solutions

Goji develops and markets RF cooking technologies for household, commercial and industrial applications in the food industry. The novel Goji™ technology facilitates controlled and responsive heating, delivering unprecedented cooking performance. The company holds a broad IP portfolio, with over 200 issued and pending patents on its technology. Goji provides a full range of licensing, design and manufacturing services to commercial and white goods appliance manufacturers. For more information, visit www.gojifoodsolutions.com.

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