– “Miele Dialog may just be how we cook in the future”

Berlin, September 2 2017
"We tried an oven that cooks by ‘listening’ to your food – and it’s amazing." - Keith Barry, Editor in Chief for Reviewed Home

Despite admitting to being skeptical about trying out yet another “revolutionary” cooking appliance, Keith Barry, Editor in Chief for Reviewed Home, came away from a demonstration of Miele’s new Dialog oven saying that he wanted one.

Keith Barry, Editor in Chief for Reviewed Home. Photo credit: Keith Barry‍

“We tried an oven that cooks by ‘listening’ to your food – and it’s amazing,” he says. “Forget all the other so-called smart ovens – the Miele Dialog may just be how we cook in the future.” Coming from a seasoned reviewer of home appliances on, USA Today’s highly ranked and trusted consumer products review website, this is no faint praise.

Barry attended a dinner demonstration of the Dialog oven, which involved the preparation and cooking of a variety of courses, and the opportunity to taste the results. The Dialog oven offers solid-state cooking technology developed with Miele’s partner, Goji, alongside traditional heating and convection. Goji’s technology monitors foods throughout the cooking process, and adjusts the heating parameters to optimize the results.

“The ice didn't melt, but the fish inside is perfectly cooked.” – Keith Barry. Photo credit:, Keith Barry.

The demonstration showcased the Dialog oven’s ability to cook evenly and quickly, whether preparing individual dishes or multi-component meals, with a menu including steamed buns, a cod fillet cooked inside a block of ice, a cut of veal with vegetables, and berry soufflés. Barry was in no doubt about the quality of the results. “Simply put, this thing is amazing,” he says.

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About RF Cooking

RF cooking utilizes a high power solid-state amplifier which, as part of a complete RF module, transmits radio wave energy into an object to heat it. Unlike the magnetron in a microwave oven, the digital RF module can accurately control the frequency, amplitude and phase of the radio-waves. When combined with Goji’s proprietary closed-feedback sensing algorithm, the RF module enables more uniform and consistent cooking results, while shortening and simplifying the cooking process.

About Goji Food Solutions

Goji develops and markets RF cooking technologies for household, commercial and industrial applications in the food industry. The novel Goji™ technology facilitates controlled and responsive heating, delivering unprecedented cooking performance. The company holds a broad IP portfolio, with over 200 issued and pending patents on its technology. Goji provides a full range of licensing, design and manufacturing services to commercial and white goods appliance manufacturers. For more information, visit

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